mj-52-of-65MJ Bridges, the founder and president of Endless Bridges Consulting LLC.,  is a 29 year old who discovered he wants to explore his passions. Thus, MJ declared to eliminate his non-mortgage debt to free up his life. After 3 long disciplined years, MJ has eliminated over $55,000 of personal debt. With $16,000 remaining, MJ declares to be Young And Debt-Free by the age of 30. (June 2018)

MJ is a graduate of Alabama State University and the University of Indianapolis where he earned a B.S of Mathematics and M.A of Teaching, respectively.

MJ is dedicated to helping young people, specifically young professionals and college students become debt-free by sharing his debt-free journey and teaching successful strategies to avoid debt.

MJ is passionate about distance running, motivating people to overcome adversity, and finding ways to embrace positivity. MJ also enjoys dancing, traveling, networking and self-help activities. Furthermore, MJ’s favorite book is, “The Happiness Advantage.”

What is Young and Debt-Free? What Does it Represent? 

Young and Debt-Free  (YDF) is a lifestyle that inspires all to eliminate all non-mortgage debt and live passionately.